Talks given to groups on a variety of clinical / social / spiritual topics.

Links to recent talks

National Conferences

In both my administrative and leadership roles I have often been called upon to speak to groups about a variety of subjects involving the practical application of spiritual principles in health care and life in general. The following is a compilation of PowerPoint talks I’ve given over the years, many with associated audio files and handouts. When an audio file is associated, download the PowerPoint (often in PDF form) in a separate tab, start the audio file, and then scroll through the presentation as the talk proceeds. Feel free to access and share these materials with others. I’m comfortable speaking to large or smaller groups on these or any similar topics and am growing into more areas, particularly those having to do with the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Christian Community Health Fellowship

2020 National Conference Workshop, March 26-28 – “Grit & Grace” – Cincinnati, OH

2019 National Conference Workshops, March 28-30 – “Interwoven” – Cincinnati, OH

2018 National Conference Workshops, April 19-21 – “Risen & Awake” – Cincinnati, OH – Program

2017 National Conference Workshops, May 18-20 – “Greater Love” – Cincinnati, OH – Program

2016 National Conference Workshop, May 12-14 – “Reconciliation” – Oklahoma City, OK – Program


Free Methodist Healthcare Fellowship

2019 National Conference, September 20-22 – Weekend Retreat Leadership on topic: “Serving God Through the Stages of Our Lives” – Middlebury, IN


Local Speaking engagements

Men’s Fellowship Group, Rochester, NY

Thursday Morning Class, January 7, 2021 – on topic: “Transformation 2021” – Rochester, NY

Men’s Fellowship Group, Rochester, NY

Thursday Morning Class, October 1, 2020 – on topic: “God-Sized Problems” – Rochester, NY


Brighton Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

Service and Adult Class, November 17, 2019 – on topic: “Did God Say?” – Rochester, NY